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Grove City College Community

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chicka878 @ 08:01 pm: .  Be a part of something.

Invisible Children Benefit Concert
     Slippery Rock University - April 28th, 2006
            Featuring Braddigan (from Dispatch)
                    with: the Mt. Ararat Baptist Children's choir + Step Team, 
                        Shelly Rollison,
                            and Papertrigger.

Tickets are $10 dollars and are available for sale at Grove City College, or by emailing invisiblechildren.tix@gmail.com

Make a statement.  Tell the US government that the war in Uganda need to end, and we need their help.  Honor the children who commute miles nightly on foot - without shoes - to sleep in the streets of cities...to avoid abduction by the rebel forces.  Read more at www.invisiblechildren.com

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