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Grove City College Community

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October 7th, 2005

inkless @ 03:50 pm: Is Grove City for real?
Hello everyone,
I’m a high school senior from Washington state. A couple days ago I received a GCC viewbook in the mail, and it looked almost too perfect. Uncompromisingly Christian? Ivy League academics? Knockout campus? Free laptop? And not to mention, less than $16,000 tuition?

So I’m here to get the real story. What do YOU think of GCC? Is it really as good as it sounds?

Because if it is, I might just be moving a few thousand miles east.

September 25th, 2005

joshsauntie @ 06:33 pm: Hi Grovers
Hi all...Just started up my LJ and, in thinking about Homecoming this weekend, sought out and found this community. I hope all current students are really enjoying their time at GCC. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I was an English/Comm/Sec. Ed. major and now work as a Sr. English teacher in a suburban Philadelphia public high school. Some of my favorite profs at GCC were Mrs. Craig, Dr. Mackey, and Dr. Kengor. Anybody have them?

Well, study hard! But don't study so hard you miss the people around you! God bless!


September 12th, 2005

funblast @ 11:21 am: Overheard in Pittsburgh
I figure Grove City is a good place to overhear people saying interesting/crazy/funny things, so I thought I would let everyone know about Overheard in Pittsburgh.

If you overhear anything interesting - on the street, in class, on the bus - pass it along to me with a brief description of the people involved at overheardinpgh@gmail.com.

In Pittsburgh, this city of college students and work-a-day joes, of arts and beer and unreliable public transportation, it's hard not to overhear little bits of other people's lives.

In line at a fast food restaurant, a man yells into his cell phone.

He's yelling for you.

On the bus, two girls gossiping about a celebrity couple.

They're gossiping for you.

In class, a professor says something he really oughtn't.

He's saying it for you.

Welcome to Overheard in Pittsburgh, a collection of impromptu little public performances, reported and displayed for your enjoyment.

Overheard in Pittsburgh:
We're not eavesdroppers, we're attentive listeners.

April 26th, 2005

jdm13 @ 09:49 pm: Hello!
I just found out about this community. This is pretty cool. I'm a GCC alumnus - graduated way back in 1998! Ok, so that isn't really all THAT long ago I guess. I was a math/math sec ed/french sec ed major. I loved my time there and would highly recommend GCC. Its a great place! To those of you starting off as freshmen in the fall, good luck and God bless! Hopefully you'll love your time there as much as I did.

March 20th, 2005

dawnsdream @ 11:43 pm: Newbie/High School Sophomore
Hi there. I'm Jess. I'm sixteen and a sophomore in high school.

My dad went to Grove City years ago, and when I went looking at colleges last summer I thought that I might as well check out his old school. I did, and I absolutely love it. The campus is just beautiful, and the money aspect isn't that far from beautiful either. ^^;

I'm not sure what Grove City's reputation is for political science and foreign languages though, and I want to major in something dealing with foreign affairs and politics. I figured this would be a good place to ask.

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February 18th, 2005

dtziebrunette @ 10:53 am:

I’ve been meaning to join the community for a bit, but I just got around to it last night J 


Well, I’m Ariel and, like Gabrielle, I was accepted early decision into GCC for 2005 fall term.  It’s been my dream to attend since my freshmen year of high school, so you can imagine how incredibly happy I was to find that I was got in (my father told me to calm down because I was jumping up and down after I got my acceptance letter :-D).  I plan to major in Business Marketing and maybe a minor in Communications (depending how horribly I want to stress myself out :-P).


A few questions:

  1. How bad is the weather?  I’m from Oregon, where it rains 9 months outta the year, so I’m not exactly used to “colder” weather.  My dad (who’s from Jamestown, PA) makes it sound like there are blizzards every year and that I’m going to have to track through eight feet of snow to class everyday :-P
  2. Is dorm life really all that bad?  What are some things that have helped in getting along with your roommate?
  3. What is/was one of your favorite things to do on campus?


Anyway, I hope I’ll be able to see some of you this fall J

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February 4th, 2005

awra2001 @ 04:02 pm: 7 Month Update
Hi all!

Sorry I haven't been doing my "Moderator" duties, but I figure things are doing really well on their own.

Just a quick update (after all, we're celebrating 7 months +3 today!)

We now have 29 members, ranging from those who are interested in GCC to those who have graduated, and all in the middle

This has become so much more than just complaining about this and that, but is now a great opportunity for those who are intereted in our campus and a way to tell everyone the truth beyond the glossy and the nice stuff. And that's exciting :)

Anyway, hopefully in the coming months we'll get more people to get excited about what's going on here at Grove City!

February 2nd, 2005

_make_a_sound_ @ 09:19 pm: hey guys! good news! i'm going to come out and visit this fall during the beginning of my senior year! :) i am v e r y exicted for it. it will be nice to be able to go back out east (i'm originally from indiana, now in arizona) haha... it will definetly be cooler weather, which is very good. i'm a snow person. :)
what would you all suggest doing while i visit the college though? is the anything in particular that i should especially look into? I've been talking with Courtney Vago, i think she is the assistant director of addmissions..... but she said that seniors can stay in the dorms and sit in on a class, interview, tour, etc. but what else would you all suggest with that as well? just lookin for some advice on it because i'll prolly only be able to come out once during my senior year to visit (because of distance and everything haha) so that's it :) if i could get your guys advice on that i'de be very greatful!!! :D have an awesome week!!!!

jcfan4life @ 08:49 pm: Hey
Hey everyone, my name is Keith and like Sarah i am a Junior in High School. I have been trying to scope out some possibilities for college, and GCC is in my top 5. If i can find a way to pay for it, then i will probably be heading out to join you guys there. I had some questions as well, and if you guys wouldnt mind answering them, that would be totally awesome. What is the campus like? What do you guys do apart from school for like recreation? Hows the weather (lol) this is coming from a 105 degree summer kid who hates the heat. lol. Anyways, so what are the dorms like and stuff? Are they comfortable? Roomy? Well those are my questions for right now. So if you guys could possibly find some time to answer those questions that would be great. Thanks.

~Your Bro In Christ,

January 29th, 2005

_make_a_sound_ @ 10:48 pm: hi!
hello all! my name is sarah, and i am a junior in highschool in arizona. a while back a rep from GCC came to my school and talked to us... and i found i became really interested in GCC. right now GCC is my top school i want to go to, and hopefully soon I will be able to fly out and visit the campus. so i have a few questions for you guys who actually do go there now....what do you think about GCC? What kind of things to do you get to do around campus aside from classes?

alright those are all the questions i have for now. i am so glad i found this community! i look forward to being able to get an inside look and opinion from you guys!! :)

God Bless...Sarah

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